Personal Reviews of Piano Lessons

with Kathryn Davies Piano Teacher



I started lessons with Kathryn aged 11, and since I started with her I have progressed a lot. I took my Grade 1 and Grade 2 and passed with distinction! Kathryn is kind, fun and most of all a patient teacher. I really enjoy my lessons with her and I also like the Piano Party she does each term.



Kathryn's lessons are a positive learning experience - they are pitched at the right level for my needs ; always challenging and stimulating but constructive and supportive.

Moreover they're enjoyable.

My concerns about learning piano in my late 60's were soon dispelled. What's more she's got a really nice dog called Oscar who is soft as butter!




Lessons with Kathryn are fun.
I see how she always give me SMART objectives i.e. she tells  me exactly what I should practice and how, and by when. And it works!

She's not entirely focused on exams but does gently encourage students to do them (which my Mum likes).
I also really enjoy the Piano Parties each term, and that she lets me bring in my own music e.g. my Disney book. And at the end of each year we play lots of Christmas music!


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Reviews of Piano Lessons near Taunton

with Kathryn Davies Piano Teacher




I like going to piano because Kathryn is a great teacher. She makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. She explains things really well and is very friendly. I really enjoy playing the piano with her.




MY BRAIN IS BETTER! I wasn’t sure if I was too old to start learning how to play the piano but was also keen to keep my brain active during my retirement from an engineering background. The whole learning process with Kathryn has been magnificent and I am really enjoying this new learning process.

Trying to get different parts of my brain working independently and then transferring this information to my hands and feet is very different to anything I have done before and it is very invigorating. I’m amazed how much progress I seem to have made in such a short period of time but more amazed at how much fun I am having practicing my exercises and pieces. I see this as a ten year project and am really glad I committed myself to giving it a go - highly recommended.



First of all, a bit of context: I'm French and I've never learned anything about music  in my entire life until four months ago. I looked online (as you're doing now) and found Kathryn's lessons. I decided to give it a try! 

Kathryn is a very dynamic, knowledgeable and attentive teacher. She is always encouraging you, and makes you get better step by step at your own pace, whatever you wish to play or achieve.

I can't remember ever having a teacher so passionate, fun and pleased to share her knowledge.

I leave every lesson confident and looking forward to the next one. So, I strongly recommend you get in touch with her and book your first lesson!




Kathryn has taken on the hard task of teaching me how to play the piano and she does it with a mixture of very personal teaching skills adapted to the individual together with comprehensive knowledge, good humour and outstanding patience. It is difficult to imagine any other teacher reaching Kathryn’s professional standards. I know she has other students light years ahead of me and I am indebted to her for taking on a complete novice. The lessons all take place in her charming house in the countryside where I not only gain some ability but have a thoroughly enjoyable experience getting there.



What a result! Piano lessons once a week on my way home from work in a great setting with an enthusiastic teacher who doesn't stick dogmatically to a narrow "tried and tested" method. Kathryn took on board my previous musical knowledge and what I wanted to achieve and has tailored lessons that have enabled me to play better, read music and begin to understand musical theory.
When I have struggled she has adapted, and where I needed encouragement or better discipline she has provided me with a way forward that has worked. We all have different learning styles and Kathryn made the effort to understand how I learn best. I also liked the consideration she gave to which tuition books work better than others and which are most appropriate for me.
After 9 months of weekly lessons a happy pianist has been born!



Kathryn is an excellent piano teacher. I have had a number of music teachers (on different instruments) before, however she is the most engaging and varies styles and exercises so lessons and practice do not become boring.

She is supportive with areas you struggle on and is happy to focus on non-exam music if you wish, which makes a change!

I would highly recommend Kathryn and I feel she delivers well rounded tutoring.




Having toyed with the idea of taking piano lessons for some time, I was pleasantly, albeit nervously, surprised when my wife presented me with gift vouchers for piano lessons with Kathryn. 

Now, after nine months of lessons, I've progressed from barely being able to find middle C, to playing scales and arpeggios, reading both clefs and playing recognisable pieces of music.

It's been challenging at times, but, immensely rewarding to make this sort of progress. Kathryn's lessons are relaxed, enjoyable and her enthusiasm for music and the piano are unquestionable. Without exception, I leave each lesson enthusiastically looking forward to continuing my progress.